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Personalised Military Sign

I recently had a request to make a sign for a military customer. I discussed the requirements with the customer, the wording, font, layout and design. I sourced the military cap badges online and presented the design prior to starting. Once the customer was completely happy, I hit go! The design took roughly 1 hour 30 minutes to cut with a “bit” change in between, there was one bit for roughing and one bit for the detail. Once cut, I took off the board and sanded down and applied a primer. Once the primer had dried, I hand painted the sign with black paint, specifically for wood. I waited 24 hours for it to fully dry then I sanded down. I then applied 4-5 coats of lacquer, waiting 20 minutes between each coat. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’ll give it 24 hours to fully dry and post tomorrow.

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