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Highland Cow Oak Clock

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I have started making another Oak clock. This time around It is 40x40cms in size, my previous clock (Highland dancer) was 30x30cm so slightly larger. The process involves several steps. The 1st step is to cut 3 pieces of oak to size, (40 x 14.5cm), make holes in the sides of the wood, place glue and wooden wedges in the sides of the wood to bind and make strong, use clamps to hold firm and leave for roughly 12-24 hours. The 2nd step, place the prepared oak board (40x40cm) on the X-carve work board, choose the clock face and design you want to use from computer and clamp in place for carving. The 3rd step is to run the machine, depending on cut depth, this can take roughly 2-3 hours. Once completed I will then measure the center

using a ruler and drill through a hole for the clock hands to sit. Once finished I will seal with lacquer, pain with black paint/spray paint, let dry, sand off and seal finally with a clear varnish. You can choose any number of clock faces, designs. Next step was to cut out the design, paint the side and wait to dry. I will sand down tomorrow, place hands on and varnish.

when finished.

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